Ha Giang , best place for a Vietnam adventure tour

Located in the far north of Vietnam , Ha Giang , a mountainous province , is a perfect rendezvous for those who love adventure, trekking and the discovery of huge mountain landscapes. Once Travelling to Ha Giang , you will have the opportunity to cross roads that wind stunning mountains , see with your own eyes the ethnic minority villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys. Today, I would like to give you some tips on things not to miss in the province of Ha Giang and I learned during my trip .

Conquer Lung Cu flag tower

Located at the northern end of the Vietnamese territory , Lung Cu is a common North Vietnam located on the plateau of Dong Van . The tower of Lung Cu flag is perched atop Mount Rong (Dragon ) on this county. For a striking visions, do not hesitate to conquer this monument, dubbed the roof of Vietnam. As here, it is much easier to wrap my head the most spectacular scenery in the country mountains.

Discover the ” Stone Plateau “

On the way to Ha Giang , do not forget to go through the plateau Dong Van Stone Plateau , candidate for classification to global geological park with its many limestone mountains often devoid of vegetation. Especially if you make your trip to Spring, you will be pleasantly surprised by the colorful array of Pierre Plateau through the perfect combination of cruciferous yellow flowers , roses, peach and white pear .

Make a visit to Dong Van market

During your trip to Ha Giang , it’s much nicer if you meet and talk with local people in the street markets , mostly ethnic minorities . The most famous Sunday market is held in the morning, full of life and its small historic district with carefully hewn stone houses of a particular style . This market is an ideal place for those wanting to experience local life and also the culture of ethnic minorities.

Admire the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi

Golden rice in Hoang Su Phi , Ha Giang (Photo: Haikeu ) Do not miss the terrace rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi during your trip. For those who love nature , it is imperative to stop and admire these beauties . Also, it seems to be outside the traditional tourist routes , the scenery is awesome and magnifques routes between gorges and mountain passes.Moreover, from October to November , the rice fields of golden rice are replaced by blooming wild Saracens. Be ready to take pictures to capture unforgettable moments. You can organise a multi days trekking tour in this ares with nights in local houses ! Check out this website trekking Vietnam to find more details

Enjoy local food

Even if you are traveling with a big budget , I recommend eating in small restaurants as locals . This is because you will feel nice to be with the people of this region and taste the local food freshly prepared . NB : I wrote a whole article on beauty gastronomy Ha Giang through popular dishes, I suggest you take a look , it’s full of good advice.Well, here you are willing to travel to Ha Giang

Travel tricks about Vietnam

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