Book a limousine for a trip to Sacramento, California

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Wondering what you want to hire a limousine for a short trip to Sacramento, California? Well, you do not have to stand there and ask for more time, just pick up the phone and book a limousine to begin your experience of what it wants to rent a limousine for the trip to Sacramento.


After making a reservation for the limousine, it is time to call some friends to join you for this adventure of a lifetime. One thing that is certain is that when you book a limousine for any trip, you and your friends will certainly travel in style. All you have to do is simply tell your limo driver to the destination you want to go, and take you where you want to go.

If you’re wondering what you and your friends can do in a limo in Sacramento, Chicago – how about riding the train Sacramento River? A walk in the Sacramento River train you can enjoy the scenic trip with food and entertainment, and they have different themes for their walks, too, as the Murder Mystery Dinner, Great Train Robbers Saturday or Sunday Champagne Brunch to name a few.

Take a train ride on the Sacramento River on Friday and Saturday, as they offer a ride to dinner with a great combination of scenery, food, entertainment and services. A trip on the Sacramento River train takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, as is a trip of 28 miles. You and your friends will be allowed to board the train before departure and you can also enjoy some relaxing moments in their car club. After you and your friends are escorted to your coach limo to eat, train for your trip in the evening.

While you and your friends watch it go through the large windows limo campaign, the staff of the Sacramento River Train will begin to serve a delicious three-course dinner. Once you’ve had your sumptuous meal, you can return to the car club once again, to enjoy a drink or two while listening to live music. The train from Sacramento River is certainly a wonderful alternative to travel, or go to the movies regularly. It ‘also a great way to discover the history and beauty of the valley of central California.

When you return by train, you and your friends will discover that the limo driver is waiting at the starting point of your journey by train to send home. As you and your friends are at home with a driver, you will have time to talk about being unique that you had to roll, right? Now you and your friends do not agree that the reservation of the limousine for the trip worth it?

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Awesome Holiday Destinations in Kerala

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1. Munnar

Munnar is a beautiful prime locality found in Southern Indian.It is given with a number of sites that are attracting to the locals and the international community as well.Munnar hills, 1600 feet above sea level dots the area with beautiful blossoms of several flower species making the place look awesome especially during summers.The world’s largest arch dam is also found in the area Several museums and wildlife sanctuary are provided with rare kind of flora and fauna.

2. Alappuzha

Alappuzha hosts the famous and most important backwaters centre for tourists in the world. Canals meandering across paddy fields give glamor to the area. Activities like boat racing, availability of several marine products and presence of coir industry in the area makes Kerala stand out as a tourist destination one cannot miss to visit. The ancient temple of Mannarasal Sri Nagaraj in the area is where people from different parts of the world come to pay pilgrimage to the snake god. The Lord Buddha statue dating back to 6th century is found there.

3. Cochin

The seaport town in Eranakulam district is an important recreational center for tourists in Kerala. The Jewish synagogue brings in the beauty of the area in addition to the historic Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica located in the southern part of Kerala. They are built in an impressive way with state of art facilities and Belgian chandeliers. Several sand beaches with white warm sand dot the area are good for sand bathing. Marine drives are a famous activity along Shanmugham road.

4. Thiruvananthapuram

This is the capital of Kerala state on the west coast of India. It is a vast area characterized by several undulating hills which are flat lying. It is a busy commercial avenue with several tourist attraction sites. They include a planetarium; rock cut temple, a palace in Kanakakunna.

 5. Wayanad

It is a land of paddy fields and a home to several indigenous tribes in India. It attracts a sea of tourist on yearly basis due to presence of a number of unique features in the area including lake Pookot, caves, the Asian second largest dam and waterfalls.

6. The Silent Valley National Park

It is one of the evergreen forests in the world lying on tropical belt. It houses a large population of world’s rare and endangered species of primate called lion tailed Macaque. The forest is devoid of sound hence the name.

7. Kovalam Beach

It is an internationally recognized beach with ambient atmosphere. Several activities defines it and makes I stand out as unique including sunset watching, presence of several massage parlor, yoga center and bicycle cycling along the beach. The sand is warm and white making it a place to be. Just as the Turkish government requires that tourists into the country apply for the Turkish visa, India also requests that tourists into the country apply for anIndian visa so that they can be legally accepted into the country.

How to obtain the entry visa and residence in Vietnam?

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How to obtain the entry visa and residence in Vietnam?

There are two ways to get the visa :

1: You can apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in the resident country.

Documents to be submitted with the application:

Fill the application form for a visa (Form M3)
01 photo ID
Passport (valid Upto at least six months longer than the visa validity)
Fee ( non refundable ), payable by check or cash. The fees vary according to each embassy , for example: Bangkok : $ 90 , Washington : $ 85

The time the visa ( for a tourist visa) is 4 to 10 business days. With this way , you pay more than the second way . More here

2: For Visa Service in a travel agency (That’s simple, fast and reliable )

Information required by one of our consultants

Complete the secure application form visa M3 ( ca takes a few minutes)
Confirm and pay the service fee

Service Charge:

Tourist Visa: 8 /25 USD/ person ( for 1 month – 1 entry )
Receive an email acknowledgment of receipt of the request and the promise, of the visa with the visa code in 2 or 3 working days. You can get the visa stamp (Vietnamese visa stamp ) to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your country resident or Vietnam International Airport on arrival.


For these two ways to obtain the visa :

In both cases , when you receive the visa stamp , you have to pay ( stamping fee ) costs. This fee is varied according to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your resident country. If you receive your visa stamp on arrival at the airport in Vietnam, the costs are $ 45. This fee is mandatory. Your passport must be in probate court ( with a validity of not less than six months that the requested visa ) .

What is the validation of a visa?

Tourist Visa is validated for one month counted the proposed date of return to Vietnam
Other types of visas : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year is counted validated the proposed date of return to Vietnam. ( Please contact us for more information on this topic !)

***** You can request a visa extension in big cities like Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh and Danang at an extra cost.

Who needs a visa to enter and stay in Vietnam?

All foreign nationals except:

Nationals of the following countries: Bulgaria , Cuba , Korea and Romania
Nationals of Malaysia and Thailand came to Vietnam for a period of 30 days and nationals of the Philippines came to Vietnam for a period of 21 days. If you want to have more infos about Vietnam and visa for Vietnam check this page

Ha Giang , best place for a Vietnam adventure tour

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Located in the far north of Vietnam , Ha Giang , a mountainous province , is a perfect rendezvous for those who love adventure, trekking and the discovery of huge mountain landscapes. Once Travelling to Ha Giang , you will have the opportunity to cross roads that wind stunning mountains , see with your own eyes the ethnic minority villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys. Today, I would like to give you some tips on things not to miss in the province of Ha Giang and I learned during my trip .

Conquer Lung Cu flag tower

Located at the northern end of the Vietnamese territory , Lung Cu is a common North Vietnam located on the plateau of Dong Van . The tower of Lung Cu flag is perched atop Mount Rong (Dragon ) on this county. For a striking visions, do not hesitate to conquer this monument, dubbed the roof of Vietnam. As here, it is much easier to wrap my head the most spectacular scenery in the country mountains.

Discover the ” Stone Plateau “

On the way to Ha Giang , do not forget to go through the plateau Dong Van Stone Plateau , candidate for classification to global geological park with its many limestone mountains often devoid of vegetation. Especially if you make your trip to Spring, you will be pleasantly surprised by the colorful array of Pierre Plateau through the perfect combination of cruciferous yellow flowers , roses, peach and white pear .

Make a visit to Dong Van market

During your trip to Ha Giang , it’s much nicer if you meet and talk with local people in the street markets , mostly ethnic minorities . The most famous Sunday market is held in the morning, full of life and its small historic district with carefully hewn stone houses of a particular style . This market is an ideal place for those wanting to experience local life and also the culture of ethnic minorities.

Admire the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi

Golden rice in Hoang Su Phi , Ha Giang (Photo: Haikeu ) Do not miss the terrace rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi during your trip. For those who love nature , it is imperative to stop and admire these beauties . Also, it seems to be outside the traditional tourist routes , the scenery is awesome and magnifques routes between gorges and mountain passes.Moreover, from October to November , the rice fields of golden rice are replaced by blooming wild Saracens. Be ready to take pictures to capture unforgettable moments. You can organise a multi days trekking tour in this ares with nights in local houses ! Check out this website voyage Vietnam to find more details

Enjoy local food

Even if you are traveling with a big budget , I recommend eating in small restaurants as locals . This is because you will feel nice to be with the people of this region and taste the local food freshly prepared . NB : I wrote a whole article on beauty gastronomy Ha Giang through popular dishes, I suggest you take a look , it’s full of good advice.Well, here you are willing to travel to Ha Giang

Travel tricks about Vietnam

Get your visa at vietnam visa approval letter Service at cheap price only 8 USD or you can to fan page visa vietnam facebook  to get updated

More useful sites that we recommend

Dong Van Karst

Lonely planet

Vietnam tourism

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Pet friendly Christmas market and skiing in Andalo

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I’m almost sad as my planning for Italy is almost done; but here we are for our last stop to the Italian market of Andalo.

The first edition of the Andalo Chistmas market will be open from 3 to 24 December as follows:

  • December 3, December 13-17 – 16:00h-19:30h
  • December 4-12 and 18-24 – 10:00h-19:30h

We will again enjoy Christmas decorations, local food and brule wine and lots of events such as horse carriages excursions, “Zampognari” Mountain Pipers, Santa Claus and fireworks on the 24th.

Andalo is one of the best known resorts in the area. So, if you have time and are passionate of skiing (or skateboarding) you can stay a little longer there and enjoy the great pistes that cover all ranges of difficulty from expert off-track skiing to begginers’ pistes. It is very well rated by passionate skiiers.

You can also enjoy the AcquaIN Swimming Pools and Wellbeing Centre of the Grand Park with an indoor skating ring and a cross-country skiing circuit.

You can also enjoy the AcquaIN Swimming Pools and Wellbeing Centre of the Grand Park with an indoor skating ring and a cross-country skiing circuit.

The resort is also appreciated for the prices which are not very high. A six-day ski pass during the December period is 107 euros.

Andalo is considered a family resort kind of place so not really a creazy, clubbing town. If you stay there a while it will be for ski or for the beautiful area.

If you intend to go there for a short skiing vacation you might check Alphotel Milano a 3 star hotel that looks decent.

  • about 100 euro-double room/night halfboard included
  • Internet access against cost
  • Free parking
  • Sauna, jacuzzi

I would not be able to stay there as they do not receive pets!

Iris Hotel 3 stars is a pet friendly hotel however. It is more expensive though (about 150 euro/double room/night breakfast included.

In order to get to Andalo from Rovereto, we have to go back on highway A22 again towards Trento, exit Trento Nord, then take SP235 towards Scalo Intermodale, then turn left to SP64. The distance if about 60 km and it will take us about an hour.

Well guys, what do you think of this tour to Italy? Sound nice, right?

For those who would like to spend a part of the winter in a warm place, I will tell you all about Mayan sites in Mexico, Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls as Aka was there two years ago and she told me a lot about that trip.

Bye now! I have to have my bath (not that I like it….)

  • Solarium
  • Ski school
  • Internet access at 5 euro/h
  • Free parking

In order to get to Andalo from Rovereto, we have to go back on highway A22 again towards Trento, exit Trento Nord, then take SP235 towards Scalo Intermodale, then turn left to SP64. The distance if about 60 km and it will take us about  an hour.

Well guys, what do you think of this tour to Italy? Sound nice, right?

For those who would like to spend a part of the winter in a warm place, I will tell you all about Mayan sites in Mexico, Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls as Aka was there two years ago and she told me a lot about that trip.

Bye now! I have to have my bath (not that I like it….)

Cost Effective Football Travel Packages

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Those who are sports fans would love to indulge in sports tourism. Indeed, spots tourism has come up as a distinct branch of tourism for those who love to travel across the world to view or participate in different matches and tournaments. There are travel firms that specialize in sports tourism. They have all inclusive travel deals like accommodation, food, etc. These deals include tickets to different sporting events as well as accommodation, meals and travel arrangements. While some people opt to make their own arrangements, the all inclusive packages seem appealing and exclusive for most and it is cost effective as well.

The Design Of Such Tourism Packages

The cost effective aspect of sports packages makes such tourism deals more appealing. There are savings possible on fodbold travel sites. That is because such sites have tied up with the different sports organizers and tourism desks to provide bulk deals at incredible rates. When you organize such trips by yourself, you might not be able to match the rates that are provided by such sites. These sites organize bulk deals which come at attractive rates unmatched by others. Those who are fans of major sports events can purchase travel packages to major sports events through such sites. You can go here to find football travel packages.

Sports Deals For Football Fans

Many sports event organizers have their sites for helping fans travel to sporting events like the Olympics or World Cup tournaments. Such games are known to last for several weeks and even months. Some people opt for sports tourism packages that include tickets to the different matches or the games that are held during the course of a tournament in a city or a country. These trips are inclusive of stay and travel arrangements including tickets to the different venues. Some sports travel operators club in excursions or sight seeing to such travel packages.

Local tourist sites are promoted and visited by different people in the course of sports tourism packages. Different types of packages are sold by such travel operators. There are trips arranged for a single match or weekend packages which are opted by busy people to get to a major match to be held in their country or abroad. To find such sports deals in football go here This is a reliable site for football fans and the trips are planned for the football lovers.

Best luxurious cars for road trips

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For all those car or truck enthusiasts arranging highway outings to go to spouse and children or maybe friends, we have built this kind of set of the superior neatest highway trip autos together with 400 horsepower or more that can accommodate at the very least some full-size older people. Coming from four-wheel-drive SUVs for those who may navigate deep snowfall to be able to rear-drive sedans and also a truck for the people whoever journeys will certainly element sunshine as well as dried up tracks, we’ve got this subject coated with regard to drivers that requirement 400 horsepower or more

Dodge Charger SRT8

The Dodge Charger is the one of simply two items for this number that can be obtained for less than $50, 000. Inside SRT8 trim, this 6. 4-liter Hemi V-8 pumps out 470 horsepower as well as 470 lb-ft regarding torque supporting that accomplish a 0-60 mph occasion regarding some 3 mere seconds. Using a long 120-inch wheelbase as well as of sixteen. 5 cubic feet regarding shoe room, this Charger SRT8 could life of the loan some friends as well as their tools within general comfort.

Jaguar XJL Supercharged

Having 470 horsepower in faucet by its supercharged 5.0-liter V-8, this Jaguar XJL could move some individuals as well as his or her trip tools together with very little attempt. Interior, this XJL is actually perfectly appointed together with leather as well as soft-touch supplies including a suede-like material for that headliner. The XJL presents more rear-seat legroom compared to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in addition to a lot more than 15 cubic feet regarding baggage room.

Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

The Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec is the sportiest sedan by Korea using its 429-hp 5. 0-liter V-8 as well as adjusted suspension tune which taken away high of the camp model’s system throw, giving that more confidence on a trip within the water as well as throughout the hardwoods. Even though scaled-down compared to the full-size Equips, this Genesis sedan presents adequate room with regard to backed residents to completely stretch out after a highway trip.

Audi S8

The 520-hp 2013 Audi S8 blew our personnel away using its fast speeding as well as all-wheel-drive proper grip. Number of sedans could match — or maybe conquer — this S8′s 3. 5-second run to be able to 60 mph, 11. 8-second run within the quarter-mile where that intersected the tip collection at 118. 3 mph. Round the skid pad, this full-size S8 pulled apart 0. 90 Gary the gadget guy prior to dealing with this figure-eight within twenty-five. 0 mere seconds in a 0. Seventy nine Gary the gadget guy normal. Number of full-size autos could get people as well as several pets for a trip destination within deluxe comfort more quickly as well as safer compared to the 2013 Audi S8.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

However the rear-drive Cadillac CTS-V Wagon may not be as good at dealing with water or maybe snow-covered tracks as some of the all-wheel-drive selections in this article, that chairs some older people and has adequate area at the rear of the trunk couch with regard to getting the break brews — just as whenever elderly element editor Jonny Lieberman grabbed Engine Trend’s long-term 2011 Cadillac CTS Sixth is v Wagon within Detroit as well as ended at among the better Midwestern breweries along the way returning to L. The In whole, this 556-hp truck managed the excess bodyweight regarding 20 conditions regarding alcohol as well as photo/video products without splitting perspiration.

Bentley Mulsanne

Just of the 505-hp Bentley Mulsanne’ s inner surface is actually filled up with leather, solid carpeting, stable metal, or maybe additional high-end supplies. All outboard residents acquire warmed, chilled, as well as caressing chairs. Raise individuals have got plenty of legroom in addition to management within the climate, sound recording, as well as tracking devices. However the Mulsanne may not be as quickly for the reason that Audi S8 that even now extends to 60 mph within some 8 mere seconds, however most significantly this United Kingdom high end sedan is likely to make an awesome entry.

Terrain Rover Assortment Rover Supercharged

The stove Rover Supercharged may very well be secure within more scenarios as compared to the majority of the additional autos for this number. And if you would like that to search quickly, this supercharged product presents 510 horsepower as well as 461 lb-ft regarding torque, adequate for just a 0-60 mph run within 5. a couple of mere seconds — so good for just a now-more-efficient raised four-wheel-drive rig effective at bridging lots of unpaved avenues. Following a 2142. 4-mile, five-day Brand-new Year’s travel by L. The to be able to Colorado as well as last this last-generation product, Lieberman claimed, “The Assortment Rover, it doesn’t matter how you will piece that, is among the absolute best autos while travelling. As well as, for that matter, away from that inch

Mercedes-Benz GL550

The 429-hp 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class VEHICLE presents with capacity of with regard to 7 as well as a quality level of products area Indoor supplies compete with those of the S-Class sedan, though Design inner surface standards wraps residents within good quality leather accessible in a range of colors. The 2013 GL-Class gives a level of activity, electric, as well as high end its competition can’t match, and that’s why that grew to become Engine Trend’s 2013 Sport/Utility of the Calendar year

Porsche Panamera GTS

After a current test out against the 2013 BMW M5, this 4367-lb Porsche Panamera GTS attractive to be able to 60 mph within some 1 mere second as a result of its 430-hp effortlessly aspirated some 8-liter V-8 as well as all-wheel-drive footing. Over monitor, this four-door GT could bring some older people in a leather-wrapped inner surface.